Ikea Re-do Part 1

After updating our living room with paint and new furniture before the Holidays,we decided we could reuse some of our old furniture and save some money.We have had two of these Ikea side storage tables for probably 5 years and they still have years of wear in them. They had started to look a little worn on the top and the light color did not quite work with the new furniture. My husband decided to stain just the top of each unit dark expresso brown. It was not fun since you have to get in all the holes and it was a painstaking process. Once the stain was dry,a clear satin top coat was applied for protection. But I really wanted the entire unit stained but it would take forever and I just didn't have them time. What was I going to do about the sides? I had a roll of Woven Leather in black and medium brown that I have had for years that I have been saving for just the right project. I almost threw it out last year when our basement flooded but I couldn't part with it. I rolled it out in the sun to dry and stored it away until a few months ago when it became the sides of these units. Complete changed the look and was my husbands idea! It was stapled and cut to fit. Staples were covered by black sharpie and/or and in a inconspicuous location. The bottom (shown in photo) has now been cut to follow the feet of the unit so it doesn't pucker as in the photo.They now look totally different and now work with the rest of the furniture and best of all..Cost us $0!


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