I love fabric and have limited sewing skills, so I can only make pillows and maybe simple curtains. Pillows are super easy and can change the look of a room in an instant. My inspiration for this pillow is a lovely t-shirt that I own from Ann Taylor Loft (on sale for $9.99!) I had some off white Muslin that was left over from my bedroom curtains that I decided to use. I cut 2" strips and then basted them down the center. Pulled the thread to make them ruffle and then pinned to the face of the soon to be pillow. Looking back I think after sewing them to the pillow face, I should have washed it so that it frayed a little more,but I do think it came out pretty nice. The stuffing I had had a green tint to it so that made it even more interesting. Now I does it need a companion?


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