Inheriting Style

There are many things that you can inherit and I think I inherited my Father's work ethic and my Mother's sense of style. My mother was a tall women and had many of her clothes made for her. Not because she was wealthy, but because clothes off the rack never fit her right and it was cheaper back then to have them made. She had a friend who was a seamstress and made many dresses for her as well as a few things for me and my sisters. This photo is from my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary surprise party thrown by friends and family. I love this photo since they are so young,healthy and happy. I also love it for the dress and necklace that my mother is wearing. How stylish is that wrap dress! (in her favorite color) and the multi bar necklace! I can still see that necklace in her jewelry box and I thought it was the most beautiful necklace in the world. She always had dressed and accessorized whenever she went out. I do the same thing most days and know now that I inherited this from her.


  1. Janet, what a great photo! I see that you also inherited your dad's eyes and your mom's infectious smile ;)


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