Pass the Inspirational Torch

I get inspired by many things. It could be a lovely piece of art, an Olympic dream coming to fruition or a winter morning sunrise. It seems like some days it is bombarding me from all sides and it is hard to process it all. I was inspired this week to inspire someone else. Years ago I was planning on being a teacher,things really didn't work out since I was to be teaching Junior High Math. Not the funnest of subjects and not the most willing of students. My real passion lied in art and creating, so I think I would have been better as an art teacher. Oh well that was a long time ago, speed up to the present and now I find myself trying to inspire children to find their true trade. I am not a teacher just a person who cares about helping children find an interest. I think it's important and maybe they can figure it out early than me and wont have to write a blog about it to figure it out. Inspiration is everywhere and if you can't use it, pass it on.


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