Garden Planning

Every year I take one day to visit the Nursery and select my plants for my Garden. This year is no exception and I can't wait although it is a month away. First I sat down and looked at the plants that I have used in the past. There is an example from one of lovely pots from 2008.
I love the Salvia and the Dahlia's so I will probably use them this year. The Pansy, I will not since they only last until about the end of June and start to flag. This year I have purchased two contemporary looking pots and will tweak the flower selection a bit to match.

 I will post photos in about a month when they are completed. It is too early here in the northeast as we still have frost warnings and will probably have them until the middle of May. For now I have been planning and referring to my plant list for previous years and setting a budget. I just want to be focused and prepare since when I visit the nursery I tend to be easily distracted. So I always take my trusty notebook and follow my plan. Happy Garden Planning!


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