Jetting to Venice

I thought I would jet to Venice today but have nothing to wear until I saw this ensemble in Travel and Leisure, May 2010 and knew in an instant that it would be perfect.

It is so chic and colorful. I just love it and at just $4000 it is a steal! It is only four times what the flight would cost. I am not quite sure who this magazine is marketing to, but I am sure it's not me. I have been to Venice and I was wearing items from Target and Old Navy that totaled about $50. I don't think it's necessary to spend a ton of money on clothes, you just need to look pulled together and have your own style. I don't think $4000 is going to buy you style or get you quicker to Venice. I'll stick with my inexpensive clothes since that leave more money for souvenirs. Chao!


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