Projects Revealed

So I finished a few projects over the weekend and some were on the list and some were not. This project  was and it was the large brandy snifter that my husband's friend was going to throw out. It had a gold leaf like label on one side that I tried to remove with nail polish remover,acetone and paint thiner. All of which did not work. I resorted to scrapping it off with an exacto knife. Painstakingly removed by going over each letter like a dentist removing plaque. Here it is sans logo.
If you look closely you can see the logo on the back side. I am going to keep it turned this way so it is less obvious. Then I filled it with a few dollar store fruits just to gauge how many I would actually need to fill it completely.

Then lastly, filling it completely with Faux Granny Smith Apples,Lemons and Limes and placed in it's new home.
I think it looks fantastic and a great way to welcome spring and summer into my home.


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