Dressing for the 60's

A few weeks ago I found the Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book cir 1961 at a garage sale. I immediately picked it up for $.25 since it looked like it had a wealth of information. After thumbing thru the pages, I came across a section devoted to Wardrobe Planning and was intrigued to read the entire section to see if there was anything I could learn.
The first section is "Accessories for a casual Suit":
It advises that you can dress up or down a suit by adding a sweater and sport bag for down or dressy bag and scarf to dress up. I think this is good basic advice that is repeated every month in magazines, just that they styles of the accents may be different. 
The second section is "Basic Dress you can wear anywhere":

This advises to pick a simple style dress and accessorize to dress up or dress down. The Accessories are hats,jewelry,shoes and purses. I think again this is also good basic advice, a timeless dress can be worn for years and updated with less expensive accent pieces. I like jewelry and it is always less than buying a new dress or outfit. Some great ideas have come out of this book and timeless suggestions for the 60's and the 2000's.


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