Garage Sale Find

I went to an awesome garage sale early Saturday morning. My husband and I were mostly interested in some LP records, that sale ad claimed to have 1000's. Well it was right, boxes and boxes of them and we found many interesting titles. But as we were leaving I browsed the books and came across this gem.
Published in 1969 but mine is a re-print from 1972, it is really the encyclopedia of sewing. I love it not only for all the information that it will give me, but for the vintage images and some of the interesting sections on wardrobe selection(which I will discuss in a future blog). Just upon opening the book, this image of sewing/craft room caught my eye instantly.

It has a contemporary feel in a retro sort of way. I love the organized bins and the orange storage tower probably made of wood and not plastic. The hidden ironing board, brilliant! All that organization hidden in what looks to be an armoire. I just love this book already and at $0.25 it was a bargain that will keep me blogging and sewing for many years.


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