Planter Painting

After purchasing two large new planters for my home, I wanted to get the matching smaller planters for my front entrance. But after waiting and looking at them one last time, I realized that they were much too large and would look odd on my front steps. So I opted to possibly spray paint a few pots that I have already. I have never really painted plastic so this should be an experience. I wanted to use Rust-oleum textured paint, but it was a metallic and just wouldn't fit with my outdoor decor.So I selected this Rust-oleum in Satin Espresso Brown and which comes with the easy trigger that should be easy on the fingers.
I will attempt to paint two of the pots below with it and see how it turns out.

These planters are what I have had on my front steps for the last 2 years, but with the new brown sun and Sunbrella fabric by the front door, they just don't seem to match. I will post photos of the completed project and possibly with plants if weather permits. It is 34 here today! 


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