Toad Opera

I have a toad or a frog, I am not sure which, in my garden. His name is Figaro. He looks like he could break out into song at any moment.
But he doesn't sing, he just sits and looks happily into the setting sun. I was worried that he might get lonely sitting there all by himself. But is seems as though he has a friend, that I just discovered last night while watering.

Of course he or she is a little camera shy, but I will work on him or her. Maybe it is a she and she can be Rosina ,also from the Barber of Seville. It is a Toad Opera in my very own backyard in the key of croak. Okay, It must be getting close to a long weekend, because this is starting to sound very odd, I swear I don't sing with Figaro when no one is looking.


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