Recycling Maps

I love to follow a map on a trip, although a GPS is great since it tells you exactly where to go, but it doesn't tell you where you are like a paper map does. Whenever I travel I like to pick a local map and possibly use it later if not to find my way around. So over the years I have accumulated a few maps and I am always looking for a way to use them. About a year ago I frames numerous photos from our travels and used maps for the mats.
I tried to select the maps where close to the actual location of the photo. It took some time but I was able to locate each one in my stash of travel maps and use them for mats behind the photos. Another idea for maps I discovered in Martha Stewart Living July 2010. Maps were used as photo corners and scrapbook pages to document a vacation.

The also suggest that you keep the free maps that you are given at rental car offices and tourist destinations to make it more unique. And lastly ( I don't have a photo of this) I have used cut up old maps as note paper. Most often used for a quick thank you note or unique gift enclosure.Or if you have a large enough map, you could use it as gift wrap. Just a couple more ways to use a map before it ends up in the recycling bin.


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