Mini Tote Bag

I have numerous scraps laying around from other projects and have been trying to find ways to use them up. I even had bought scrap pieces from hoping to gets some gems (I did!)

So it was time to sort thru them and see what I could use. I came across this piece leftover from a pillow project.

I love the colors and the retro feel of the design and thought it would make a interesting little purse or tote bag. I cut a piece about 18" x 9" for the body of the bag first.
And then folded over both edges and pressed and ironed. Next are the straps, which I just eyeballed at how wide I wanted them to be.

I didn't have a piece long enough to make the straps in one piece so I cut 2 pieces (next time I will cut just one,since it makes the bottom of the bag too bulky with two). Then I folded the edges,pressed and then topstitched all the way around.
Next I laid out the straps on the body and pinned.

Last step was to sew the straps on and then sew up the sides. And it is done!

Super cute and perfect for the Summer. It took me about 1 hour to complete once I figured out the design. I plan to make a few more design changes, which will include a lining with a cell phone pocket a longer strap,top flap and larger and/or smaller version of the one above. Come back later this week as I reveal a few more designs that could be possibly be for sale sometime soon!


  1. Clever, cute and oh so quick! I'm going to try this with my scraps.


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