New Projects on the List

After finishing a few projects, I am always have a great sense of completion and then it goes away and I need to complete another project. So I have three lined up that I would like to work o in the next few weeks. First is this lovely sling bag from
I am in desperate need of a summer bag and this would be perfect and simples. Next is this fabric flower.  I had made a few for a cardigan a couple months back but kind of fudge my way thru it.

Tutorial is from and is now of my favorites for patterns and ideas. And lastly, silk screening with Mod Podge. I can't wait to try this since I have been thinking about it since I finished the Zinnia stencil.

Mine won't be a snowflake but more likely a flower or leaf. Something simple although since I think that looks the best. Well happy crafting and sewing for the weekend and come back and see what I accomplish next week!


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