Get Some Color

I love paint and I love color, so when I saw this rather large paint chip in the recent Martha Stewart Living, It made the paint bug in me get excited.
Glidden calls this the Top 10 Feels Like Home Colors. Really a nice slick way to show off color and how it can be used in different rooms. I like all the colors except a few that seem, well to pastel and a bit dated. Maybe it is just me since I like a good saturated color and not one that clings to edge of being bold. I won't tell the colors I don't like (and no it's is not the white, it is quite nice and warm) but I will tell the colors that I do like.

Safari Green, now the more I look at this I know why like it. It is a similar color of my bathroom which is Chardonnay bottle.

I think that explains why I like the color. Although Glidden shows the color with other interesting colors as accents.
With Lilac and Mulberry colors, it really makes a bold statement and I would have never put those colors together.I will have to remember this if I want to change the feel of the bathroom.
Another color combination that I found interesting is this room in Deep Amethyst.

Now nothing in my home is this color well except the the mat that frames my college diploma (colors are purple & white). The color is very bold on the walls of a living room. I think it is very pleasing and cozy and would be nice in the winter. I think I will just file these card away for now and find another way to use color in my home but they are great references to get some color.


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