Before and After #1

As promised last week I would finish a few projects over the weekend and show you the after photos this week. I can honestly say that I finished most of them and most turned out awfully nice. But enough with the suspense, let the after photos begin.
The first on the project list was this ugly storage box that I had recovered once before. The fabric was just too heavy and it never closed properly.
I stripped the fabric off it and decided to use this lovely heavy cardstock to cover it.

The colors are very fallish and will fit into the decor of my office quite well. Next step is to cut the paper to size and coat one side with Mod Podge.

I cut the paper a little longer than the side so I could wrap it around and cover up my seam later with another piece of paper.

I covered both the long sides first and then worked on the ends.

If I was a little more meticulous with the paper I would have tried to match up the pattern on the side. Note for the next time I try this. Then I was on to the lid, same technique as above except on the top I did not overlap the seam.

There was no easy or nice looking way to treat the seam with overlap so I decided to use some bias tape to cover up the seam. I had two choices brown or beige.

I chose the brown since I think matched the best,plus the beige was a iron tape and that might be good for sewing project. I painted a small strip of Mod Podge on the box and applied the tape.

The spots are were the Mod Podge was still wet,but I can say that when it did dry, it dried clear and unnoticeable. Then it was done and placed in my office to store my tape and stapler.

One Project done and three or four to go! It was so easy and fun and it only cost about $1.00! Enjoy and come back tomorrow for another Before and After!


  1. Your box turned out really well! It makes me regret all the storage boxes I've passed up at thrift stores.


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