Give me List!

LIST! Yes I do have a list today and actually some of the items on this list are currently in progress. So next week I will have numerous projects to blog about that will be completed. So lets get to the list!

  1. Yet another Ikea Hack. This time it is a pillow cover that I have had for about a year. Actually I have 4 of them since they were only $2.99 each. I love the fabric but they are huge and would have to buy pillow forms to use them. I think that defeats the purpose of the great deal, so I have another use for them that involves a little hacking.

     2. I am thinking about making some Halloween pumpkin garland. Inspired by this fall harvest tree 
         that I recently saw at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher,NC.
     3. A Giveaway! I will holding a giveaway next week in honor of the fact that I just won a giveaway 
         last week and I never win anything! (more on this when my prize actually arrives and it is a good
         one!) Next week I will be giving away two different styles of my Non-Slip Headbands. Be sure to
         come back and make a comment. It promise it will be painless to enter!
     4. A revamp. While I was on vacation, I had time to think about new projects and ideas for this blog.
        So much so that my list of ideas has gotten crazy long and somewhat unreadable. I need to sit down
        and take a look at it and organize it better. As well as take a look at the design of my blog, Etsy 
       shop and how they relate to each other.
Whew! I think that is enough for the list as I am still getting use to being back to work after being on vacation for almost 2 weeks! The first time ever I have taken that much time, but totally worth it. So have a lovely fall weekend and come back next week for some great projects! Enjoy! 


  1. Just found your blog and wanted to say hello! You have such great ideas on here!

    I also wanted to let you know that I just started a "Handmade Tuesdays" where every Tuesday I am going to feature a tutorial from a featured crafter (let me know if you ever want to be featured) and I also want to have a linky where people can link up tutorials they have done. They don't have to be recent, my only rule is that they do not link the same tutorial every week. :) I am also going to random feature etsy shops because not everyone can make things :)


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