Ikea Hack #3

I love Ikea but sometimes a few of their products need some special touches. I have performed two Ikea hacks with tables and magazine holders, so today I have decided to hack this pillow cover.
I bought four of them exactly a year ago for $2.99 each. I think the zipper alone would have be that much,but they are huge and do not fit any of my pillows. So figured I could change it in to something else. First I cut of the sides and top.
I was going to use the zipper at the top as part of the design, but it would have made my end product a little long. Next I sewed up the sides.
Then I folded down the top a few times and sewed down.
I was left with this.
I took the pieces that I cut off and cut them into strips.
Folded over and topstitched.
Then stitched to the body.
And here is my new fall tote bag from a pillow cover! Perfect for carrying my lunch,magazines and shoes to work. It was very easy and a great Ikea hack! It makes make want to make something else out of the other covers! I will keep thinking on that one! Enjoy!


  1. Love the colors!


  2. I love repurpusing! And Ikea. So, in short, I love this tote. :) Thanks for sharing your talent!

    Amie @ http://www.kittycatsandairplanes.blogspot.com/


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