Burlap Trees

This year Christmas is all about trees and over the weekend I had Seven trees to decorate. I got five completed and only two more to go. One of the trees I made from burlap to match some of my other decorations. I first started with a large styrofoam tree.
Next I took the burlap and laid the tree on it sideways.
I then anchored the burlap to the top of the tree with floral pins.
I proceed to roll the tree with the burlap.
Once it was completely covered. I cut the burlap on an angle.
Next I secured the back with more floral pins along the seam.
At the top I sewed the opening shut since it was beyond the styrofoam but I wanted the tall point.

On the Bottom I folded and secure all pieces with floral pins as well. It doesn't need to look pretty since it is just the bottom and no one will see it.
To decorate it just a little I took gold braid thread,leftover from my cross stitch days and added it to the tree.
Every 2-3 inches I wrapped a piece around the tree and tied it on the back side.
You could use any type of ribbon and also could hang little ornaments from the ribbon as well. I chose the gold since it fits with my gold and silver theme. Once it was done, I placed it with my twine trees and other decorations and I think it looks lovely.


  1. This is awesome! I love me some burlap!

  2. that looks simple...i think even i can do that! great job and great tutorial! stopping over from diy showoff.

  3. fantastic idea, i have so many burlap from other projects.

  4. Love your burlap tree! Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy your day,

  5. Cute and simple tree that can dressed up or given a county look! Thanks!

  6. Love the texture of the burlap with the gold and silver. Beautifully and simply done.

  7. Simple,but very elegant!!! I will showcase this on my "Holiday Projects" with a link back to your tutorial, of course.

    Here's a link straight to the blog itself:


  8. Great idea...and the rustic quality of the burlap works really well with the silver tones. Love it!

  9. When I see the word "burlap" I'm all over it. I love the simple design of this tree and the fact that you used what you had. Love it!

  10. Cute idea!


  11. So simple, yet elegant. New follower, btw!

  12. Wonderful idea....and we all love burlap these days! Happy holidays!

  13. Love them. Stop over and check out my glittered version. http://mindy-thislittlelightofmine.blogspot.com/2010/12/glittered-christmas-trees.html

  14. These are so cool. Thank you for sharing the "how tos."

  15. How cute - I like that it's neater than some of the other burlap version. It looks so nice in your arrangement.

  16. Visiting via 504 Main...
    These are adorable and I've been meaning to make some trees for my window sill! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Great idea..thanks for sharing

  18. I love your trees! So pretty!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites last week. Hope to see you again this week. Also, I'd like to invite you to come by next Thursday for my Holly Bloggy Christmas Recipe Party!

  19. These are super cute! And super chic. What a great display they make!

  20. Your trees are so cute...i saw some in this wonderful shop today and I'm planning on making some too:) Thanks for coming to my party...please be sure to link back to my blog on your post...thanks:)



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