A Weekend Before List

I am starting to create some decorations for my home for the Holidays and I plan to use some interesting materials. So today I am going to share with you what the materials look like before and next week I will show you the after. Let's get started!
(1) A length of leather cord. This will become something really interesting, I promise.
(2) A old fruit basket. A little spray paint and some ornaments will make this look like a chic expensive item from a popular catalog.
(4) Foam Tree. Now I have seen so many great tree ideas out there that I want to make all of them, but mine are different to I will just have to stick to my plan (I think!)
(4) Burlap. I ordered this online and should arrive today. Lots of ideas let's hope they work out looking good.
(5) Lastly. My Giveaway. Please don't forget to enter! End Nov 23rd at Midnight! 
And that is the Before list. Please make sure to come back next week and see what I have created! Have a lovely Weekend and Enjoy!


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