Baby It's Cold Outside

Today it is 14 degrees and I don't fee like leaving the house. Winter is not glamorous but magazines love to make us think that it is. Keeping warm and looking stylish do not go together, well at least not in my book. Take gloves for example. I have a basic pair of black fleece gloves but maybe I should have a gilded pair likes these.
At $95 and $350 for either pair, I think I could buy a lot more than gloves for that price. Then there are boots, mine are brown sueded Sketchers from about two years ago, comfortable and warm. Or I could consider these for a mere $400 from JCrew.
Then there are Sweaters and mine (mostly from Old Navy) are not Cashmere. But if you must keep warm than Cashmere it needs to be.
Still I am not ready to part with $195 for the least expensive on this page.Oh well, I guess it is layers for me like it always has been, can't seem to update my cold weather image to something more expensive or fashionable since it doesn't make it any warm when I step outside! Happy Winter!


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