Knit One, Purl Two

I have been thinking lately about breaking out my knitting needles again. The inspiration came from a lovely handmade hat a work colleague received as a Christmas gift. It was quite lovely and intricate and looked to me far beyond my skill level, But the I remember I had these images and directions from 2004 stashed away in my someday file.
Just a couple of cute hats, one with a nice little cable down the front and the other with an oh so lovely Fair Isle pattern. They don't look to difficult to make and they would be perfect in the cold and windy weather that we are enjoy now. Or I could make this wonderful scarf with some fun Pompoms on the end.
Not his looks even easier with it's straight lines and easy pattern of Knit one, Purl one.The pompoms are easy as well, just wrap around your fingers and tie in the middle,trim and fluff. Okay the urge to get the needles out is getting stronger,just need to find the right project. Then I came across these in Southern Living January 2011 and I think I have found my project.
Knitting is not just for hats and scarfs anymore, it's for decoration for your home. Okay now I really want to knit a couple of pencil cups,bowls and baskets. I will have to think on this one and see what I can come up with. But for now Knit one, Purl Two and Enjoy!


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