Weekend Repeat List

This weeks list is all about repeating some things from the last few weeks that I haven't finished up yet. I owe it to myself to get these done since I like the feeling of accomplishment and hate a long list.

(1) I seriously need to bake this weekend and now I have the time allotted on Saturday. Just need to get the ingredients and get baking.

(2) Wrap a few presents and get them under the tree. The tree is all decorated and done, but my front door wreath is somewhat done other than the lights that need to be lit (need to hide the hideous cord for the lights)
(3) Put this tree art in my Etsy Shop along with some others that I have been working on. That poor neglected store needs some a little help.
Well that is it since I have so many other things on my list but these are the most urgent and have been hanging aground for the last few weeks. Have a Great Weekend and Enjoy!


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