Fabric Organization

From time to time my craft room becomes a disastrous mess and it then becomes the time to clean it up and organize.
I ordered and received these fabric organizers from The Fabric Organizer last week and they arrived just in time for the weekend.
I ordered two sets of large (6 pieces) and two sets of small (6 pieces in each set) since I had numerous pieces of fabric to organize. So I started to wrap the fabric around the holders and soon as I got the hang of it, the process went quickly.
Now this is just a small portion of my fabric but now it is organized and I can see what I have. The smaller pieces were more of a challenge. The smaller pieces I stored in plastic bags while larger pieces (12" and longer) I used the organizers.
 I think these organizers will be great when I finish a project and I can store my leftover fabric right away. I would highly recommend the Fabric Organizers since they are easy to use, were delivered quickly and make your fabric look like a fabric store. Enjoy!


  1. thank you so much for posting about these! my hubby is making me some boards using some leftover plyboard from a renovation project and we couldn't decide what size was best. These make perfect sense!

  2. I have never seen these..awesome..thanks for posting..will make my life easier.

  3. I totally get the craft room becoming a disastrous mess from time to time. So does mine! I am in the middle of doing a complete organization overhaul on my craft room. Please do come check it out.

  4. I totally need these! Thanks for the tip!

  5. but where do you get them


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