The Second Weekend List for 2011

Ove the past few weekends I have started a whole slew of projects and have many more on my list. This weekends list includes some projects and some organizing that needs to be done. So here is my list for the second weekend in 2011.
 (1) I found this super easy pattern for Draped Cardigan in Sew News April/May 2010. Takes three yards of fabric although, but is easy to sew and looks great on anyone.
(2) A little ribbon organizing. All this ribbon was wound and stored so perfectly some years ago and has gradually gotten tangled and messy over the last two years. Time to take control and store it better.
(3) Another organization project is my fabric mess. Now I don't have a photo of it since I am slightly embarrassed of the piles and piles sitting on two chairs, So I will show you what I want it to look like and what I will use. 
I want it to look like this..
And I will use these from
(4) Lastly and sadly is take down my Christmas trees and decorations. I always hate this job since it seems like it takes twice as long to take everything down and put it away. Then the house looks so bare and I feel the need to make new pillows or decorations to fill in the spaces. 

So that is my list for the second weekend of 2011, hopefully it is as productive as the first weekend, so come back and see next week what I have completed.Enjoy!


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