A "What Are You Going to Make With That" Weekend List

It's been a busy week so my brain has not had much time to daydream but it did come up with a few ideas for the weekend. The list looks likes this.
(1) A guilty pleasure of mine and can eat the whole can if I am not supervised,so let's say I have a few of these empties around and think it's time to recycle them into a craft (the can that is, not the chips)
(2) Old Quilt top that I might turn into something to sell in my etsy shop?
(3) This project has been on my list for awhile just need to work on a design to keep hangers organized.
(4) Some fabric art for spring that will use up some of my scraps.
That is my list and I need to finish this up and head out the door into yet another winter storm! Can Spring be close by? I hope! Enjoy!


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