A Paper Weekend List

This weekends list is not only written on paper but is mostly about paper and a little recycling. I think there are still some great craft ideas out there yet to be created that use recycled materials. So let's get to the list and see what I what I will be creating.
(1) Paper Flowers
Now I found this craft while on Stumbleupon and can not get it out of my brain. I might use some leftover tissue paper or old packing paper to create. So beautiful and delicate that they almost look really.
(2) Paper & Fabric Art
This is almost done, so I am cheating a bit. But there are a few tweaks that I need to make before it is completely done and given away as a gift.
(3) Cardboard Tubes
Now I have seen numerous crafts on the blogosphere using these and they are all amazing. I have an idea too since I have a few of these laying around from fabric shipments and we also use these at my workplace. Also how many paper towel rolls are thrown out? I think this is something in need of a craft project.
(4) Leather and Paper.
This idea came to me while laying in bed just before falling asleep and I hoped I would remember it in the morning. I wrote it down the next day, but a few days later was puzzled by exactly what I had meant. It came to me again right before I fell asleep again and a reminder to keep a pen and paper handy as well!

That is it for the list with a bunch of paper on it. I hope that the projects turn out like I am envisioning because they really are amazing in my brain! Have a lovely Weekend and Enjoy!


  1. I can't wait to see your completed projects! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's 'Paper Crafts Linky Party'!


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