An April Fools Day Weekend List

Now I am not fooling that it is April 1st or that it that time of the week for my weekend list. But I might be fooling on the projects I have planned for the weekend? Not sure if they are really or fake? You can be the judge and see if I complete the project in the way I have planned. So let's get to the list..
(1) Ring Blanks.
I have the urge to make some really funky junky rings for the spring!Might be flowers or recycled junk or maybe both! I think I have some good ideas blooming for this one!
(2) Bunny Art
Easter is coming and wanted to make this a couple week ago, so I better get going on it. This is not the art but the inspiration for the possible project.
(3) Button Jewelry
I bought a lot of silver and pewter buttons on Etsy this week and I can't wait to make some interesting jewelry out of them since you can never have enough jewelry (or shoes)!
(4) Leather
Now this has been on the list before but I now have pinned down an idea for it since trying a few different things that did not work. Let's hope the third time is the charm!
And that is the list for this April Fools day.. Are they really projects or not and will I finish them? Well what will be the really fool? Check back next week! Have a Lovely weekend and Enjoy!


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