A Beginning of the Summer Weekend List

The summer begins this weekend and I have a few summer project on the list for the long weekend. So let's get started since I can't wait for the long weekend to start!
(1) Starbucks Coffee Sleeve.  I feel the need to recycle this some how. It is the perfect color and weight of cardboard for some sort of craft..Just don't know what that is yet!
(2) New pillows for our Patio. So easy to make and change out pillows since there are numerous patterns to choose from. I went with two Waverly Fabrics (on sale) in two modern designs.
(3) Plantings. Still working on the garden and planters. I have planters to fill and a garden that needs thinning and weeding to badly.
(4) Laundry Basket. I need to figure out how to repair or replace the liner in our hamper. It has ripped and need to sew something to it that will not rip when it is full.
(5) Lastly, Enjoy the Weekend with just a little relaxing time and a bit of the French Open!


  1. Sounds like a super busy weekend!!! Can't wait to hear how it all turns out!


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