What I Saw Wednesday- Stowe,Vermont

I was recently in Stowe,Vermont for a work related function. I will spare you the details of the amazing flight thru numerous thunderstorms that hit most of the East coast last week since it was well worth it. I stayed at the Stowe Mountain Lodge.
There is still snow on the mountains, 30 inches to be exact in some areas, and they were skiing about 2 weeks ago. It was a lovely and sunny with a temperatures in the 70's,so I took a nice hike around the property.
Some snow and blue sky. The chair lift was not running but I am sure it would have provided wonderful views and photos.
Part of the giant wheel that keeps the chair lift moving all winter. I love the color,design and my attempt at an art photo.
View from Nosedive Village.
Stones in waiting to be used in some new Villa construction. 
View of the Winter Cottage/Golf Club.
Stowe is very charming and much like a little Swiss village in the mountains and so much more beautiful then photos can express. Enjoy!


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