A Found Treasures Weekend List

I have been visiting a few Estate Sales over the summer and I have found a few treasures that have made it home with me that might need a makeover. Here are a few things on my Weekend list that need just a little TLC.
(1) Lunch Box
Could be a purse or a portable art studio. I haven't decided yet if it needs a coat of paint or just looks good with it's scratched black patina.
(2) Coin Belt
Now this is the second one I have purchased and I will take it all apart and use the coins for pendants. This time I have a few new ideas for them as well as the chain that they are on.
(3) Train Case.
This was on my list a few weeks ago and I have just started to revive it by removing the interior fabric. This was my husband's Grandmother's and want to treat it with extra special care.
(4) Happy Fourth of July!
Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!


  1. I love the lunch box black but maybe you should make the inside a surprise of color? It looks plain on the outside, normal black lunch box but "PoW!" open it up and color!
    Just a thought.

  2. Love the lunch box as is, maybe just a pinstripe or something?


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