Scrap Fabric Pendants

A few weeks back I was sorting thru my scrap fabric, looking for some interesting designs for pendants. I started by cutting a few circles and applying them to metal disk.
I finished all of them this weekend with a few beads and some Dimensional Magic. I think they came ou great and they are so fun to make.
Silver & Brown
Acqua & Brown with Venetian bead.
Gold and Silver Bead.
So fun to make and I can let my creativity run wild with designs!


  1. How clever! These are beautiful! Visiting from Coastal Charm.

  2. You got my curiosity up and I am so glad I came over to look. Sounds like a fun project with beautiful results.

  3. I especially like the details that you add to these pendants. What is dimensional magic? Lynda

  4. Very clever and creative and colorful. Visiting from Tuesday's Treasures.


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