What is in the Mailbox Weekend List

This week has been a exciting time for my me and my mailbox. Seems like a surprise arrives everyday and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Here is just a sampling of what arrived this week and the plans I have for it all.
(1) Bails
A bag full of 100 bails so I can finish up some pendants and put them in my etsy shop. I have been working on some new design and hopefully they will sell.
(2) Catalogs
It must be getting close to fall since new catalogs arrive daily. The MOMA Store catalog actually came from my workplace and there are some fine ideas that I think I can create. Look for some of those on future weekend post.
(3) Felt
For the Nephews Birthday present arrived so cutely packaged I could not take it apart yet. A receipt written on an old library book slip card attached with a tiny clothes pin. Love it!
(4) Magazines.
I have some reading to catch up on..Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple.Just in time for the fall and some work around the house. I will have to sit in the sun and enjoy for a few hours to get me motivated. 
So that is my mailbox list for this weekend. I am off today and hoping to visit a few estate sales and finish a few projects!


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