Sneak Peek Weekend List

Do you ever have a multitude of projects that are not quite done or close to being done? Well I have a few that I hope to finish up this weekend and here is a sneak peek at what they look like to far.
(1) Painted Metal
The spray paint was out in full force last week and I just need one more coat to make this cabinet beautiful.
(2) Train Case.
Just a little deconstruction,Frebreeze and some new fabric and this train case will be a thing of beauty.
(3) Pennants
Just a little finishing work and these are ready for the Nephews! Can't wait to share them with you next week along with a tutorial as well!
(4) New Etsy Logo
Worked on this last weekend and still needs a little tweaking. Hope to change some item photos as well on the page as well.
That is it for my Sneak Peak Weekend list and hopefully with the holiday I will get a few things done!


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