Dollar Store Dry Erase Board Makeover

I bought this Dollar Store dry erase board along time ago and finally got around to giving it a make over.
I started by making a frame for it by laying it on a piece of cardboard and giving it about a 2 inch border.
After cutting it out, I thought it would probably be easier if I had just picked up a $1.00 mat as well, but I used what I had laying around.
Next I cut a piece of fabric about 1 inch larger than my cardboard.
Once it was cut I wrapped around the frame and secured with double sided tape.
Then I cut the center out and wrapped those pieces around the frame as well.
Lastly I removed the rubber gusset around the board and hot glued it to the frame.
I attached it to my new bulletin board with a few push pins, but I really didn't like they way it looked. So I attached two pins to the back of the board and pushed the whole thing in.
 The pen is magnetic and will stay right on the board for easy access and a clean look.
It was so easy and in expensive and look great on my newly updated bulletin board!
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  1. Perfect! Will have to look for these next time I'm @ the Dollar Tree. Great idea for a gift too!


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