Easy and Inexpensive Jewelry Display

After photographing my jewelry over the last few weeks and I have been disappointed by the results. It is difficult to get a good photo of the item on myself or by laying it on a piece of paper.  So I decided to that I would buy a Jewelry neck (if that is what you call it), But for $7.99 I thought they were cheaply made and could be easily made. So I gathered the materials that I had in my stash that I thought I could use to make one.
A piece of an old sheet, a piece of cardboard and a leftover cardboard spool from ribbon.
So first I traced the spool on the cardboard for a guide for the hole I would be cutting out.
I centered it at the top of the cardboard piece and cut the hole slightly smaller than the spool.I then inserted the spool and stapled the cardboard to the bottom of the spool.
I then cut a piece of the sheet slightly larger than the cardboard piece.
The last step was to wrap the sheet around the cardboard as if I was wrapping a present and securing with tape.
And it was done!
Ready to use and photograph some of my new items.
Perfect and I saved $7.99. 
And I can change the color when it suits the jewelry.
It is amazing what you can make with what you have!
Just look around and recycle!

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  1. Pretty darn creative! I like the fact you can now have any background you like! Thanks for sharing Janet.


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