Fun Felt Bracelets

 I recently acquired access to some lovely felt scraps and I have some many ideas on how to use them.
But this weekend the weather has been so lovely and my garden has been needing so much attention that I only had time to create a few fun bracelets. I started with a few strips of felt and leathers.
Then with a little zig zag stitch in green by bracelets where almost done.
I then added a snap to each and my bracelets were done.
One with Leather and Felt.
And one in just two colors of felt.
I am sure I have many projects ahead of me using all of these felt scraps once my gardening is done!


  1. I enjoyed creating my own version of these fun felt bracelets, thanks for sharing the idea!

  2. Hi Janet! I loved this tutorial about using felt and leather scraps. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. You are inspiring. I saw your post over at the "Success U" Party.


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