Surprise Summer Bracelet

Sometimes you buy something at an Estate Sale and you don't know what you have until you get it home and look thru it.
That is what happen to me a few weeks ago when I purchase a coffee can full of vintage wooden and bamboo beads.  Surprise! the beads are fun and remind me of summer camp, so I knew I needed to create a piece of jewelry with them.  I started with some Stretch Magic Cord in black and clear in 1mm thickness.
I had never used Stretch Magic before and was happy to read that it is made in the USA and is very easy to work with. I first cut a piece about 12 inches long since I had decided to make a 7" bracelet and would need a little more on each end to knot. Now you will need to Pre-Stretch the cord as per the directions, which means stretching it about 2 or 3 times with one end in both hands. Then I started stringing my beads which is super easy and if you have a bead stopper it helps to keep the beads organized.
After a few trial and errors with I figured that 7 1/4" was about the perfect length for my wrist and stopped my beads at that spot.
Now the last step it to tie 3-4 knots at the end and pull tight. You can apply a little glue but I didn't and I didn't not have any problems even after taking them off my wrist several times. I sat and kept beading and barely made a dent in my beads but I made about 12 bracelets in about an hour.
I grouped a few together and added an antique key for interest.
I love this blue set for their slightly faded surfaces and the variation in color.
So go and find some beads and make your own Surprise Summer Bracelet!


  1. Oh I love this. I have only started using stretch magic for "grown up" projects recently and am totally addicted to it. These are so trendy and fun.

  2. Featured this as part of my link party wrap up!


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