Easy and Inexpensive Gift Bags & Card

I like to put a little personality in my gift wrapping and card making, but I don't like to spend ton of money either. So when I found these shopping bags for .99 I thought of the perfect idea to dress them up.
Then after I cut up a few old file folders, punched a few circles and made a few pomps, I was left with these two adorable gift bags.
Now I needed to make two cards since these were for our Twin Nephews and each one needed to be special. So I printed a photo of each of their baby faces and added a little party attire.
I love making cards and using photos. It's personal and can be funny.
Such cute baby faces.
I can't believe that they are Three!
The cards and the bags were a hit and so simples to create!


  1. Pure genius! Love the birthday hat application. Two cute kids for sure!


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