It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.. Snowflakes

It all started with this little paper punch that I bought a few weeks ago of a Snowflake.
 It actually is a stamp and a punch in one! Very clever Martha. I intended to use it to create my Christmas Cards and it still might be in the cards (ha ha). But it also started me on this whole obsession with Snowflakes..
I then bought these super cute pajamas on Black Friday at Target for $10! They are so worth the $10 even if the pants shrunk and barely cover my ankles.
Then I found this crazy plastic ring in my Holiday decorations. I might have to wear a few times before Christmas, although wearing gloves over it will be a challenge.
And of course I had to create something to wear with a Snowflake theme. So I cut a few pieces of Encyclopedia paper and made a few pendants.
And added a button and a key.
They could be ornaments as well..But I didn't get that far...
I think I will need to wear them first!


  1. I love snowflakes! That ring is so fun!!

  2. Hello Janet - brilliant ideas - love the snowflake!

    Great looking blog too.

    from another Janet of Many Trades but not all. :-)


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