Felt Zinnia Pillow

A few weeks back I found this felt Zinnia pillow on cluckclucksew.com I fell in love with is and had to try to make it.
You can download the instructions for free, but it is pretty simple. First you cut Thirty 3 1/2" circles and twenty 2 1/2" circles from felt. 

The black circles are another type of fabric that I plan to make another pillow out of after this test pillow was completed. Take a piece of fabric 19" x 19" and draw a large circle on it. (I used a dinner plate) and then cut the felt circles in half and start sewing them around the circle.
Once you sew them all the way around you will need to start a new row on the inside. Staggering them so they look more like petals.

Keep going for about 4-5 rows and then you can start with the smaller petals. The closer you get to the center scrunch the petals a little to make the petals stand up. Lastly, cut a 1" circle for the center and sew in the center. This is the finished piece before I sewed the back on.

Looks pretty good for my first attempt. There are places where the top petals don't cover the stitching on the bottom row,but that I can correct on the next attempt with the black material. And then finally sewed and stuff and placed where I can enjoy it while I blog.

I am pretty pleased with myself that I actually finished this and that it was very simple and can't wait to make more!


  1. This is so(sew) pretty! Great job. FYI I just purchased an OLFA circle cutter from JoAnn's and it is fantastic! Pricey at $27.99 but I used a 50% off coupon...if you make a lot of circles it is worth it!!! The replacement blades
    are not expensive.

  2. Thanks for tip. I will definately look into it!

  3. That is just gorgeous! Love the texture and the colors. Love the patchy quilt of your pillow too, very colorful. How'd the black one come out?

  4. Thanks Ann..Working on the black one.. I will post next week!


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