Sell off Wednesday - Buy a Mini Tote

I spoke last week about selling a few of my lovely mini totes and now here is your chance to get one of them. The first one for sale is what I like to call " Coffee Talk" Tote because of the coffee cup fabric.
It measures 9 1/4" x 8" with handles that rise 3" from center. One of a kind and could be used for a lunch bag or small purse. It can be purchased here , So go get it!
Next up for sale is "Seeing Spots" Tote which comes with stuffed full of trial size samples.

It measures 6" x 8" and with handles that rise 3" from center. Full of 26 Samples.Small and cute to carry toiletries or could be used as a small purse. It can be purchased it here. Go get it!
And Last,  Everything is Coming up Zinnias Tote.

This is my favorite! Comes without the book, but would be perfect for carrying your book and sunscreen to the beach. It measures 8" x 8 1/4" with handles that rise 3 3/4" from center. It can be purchased on Etsy!
Sure to go fast since is it one of a kind. I have few more that I am working on that I will post for sale next week, so come back on Wednesdays for more sell offs!


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