Monkey Face Patch

I accomplished a few projects over the weekend, but this had to be the most fun and rewarding. I wanted to make a monkey face patch for my twin nephews. I started with image and thought I could duplicate it.
I first printed a few copies of the image and cut out the pieces that I needed for my pattern.

I labeled some of the colors on my black and white copy so I knew what color felt to use. I only needed a small amount of brown,light brown and red.

Next I cut out the piece using my patterns. On the brown I used chalk and could not get a good outline so I chalked around the piece to get my pattern transferred. 

Next I sewed the ears and face on. This was pretty difficult since the pieces are so small, but if you take it slow, it will turn out,trust me.

The next step I don't have a photo, but it was the sewing of the mouth. Now this was not easy either but felt it forgiving and after it was sewn, I went back and trimmed the felt to that mouth points were correct and even. After this was done, I pinned it all together.

Now once I got to this part I realized I need to sew the mouth to the head but also needed to stitch the mouth to another piece of felt. This helped to stabilize the patch plus the bottom of the mouth needed to be stitched to something so the felt would not bunch. After it was sewn to the larger piece of brown felt, I trimmed it back just under the mouth felt.
They still needed eyes and noses, So I stitched these by hand with embroidery thread and they were done!

They were super easy except for some of the small sewing, but if you have an image that you can copy and cut up, you can make a patch too!Enjoy!


  1. It's cute!
    I did that once too with Hello Kitty when my oldest was a bit younger.I made it into a small purse rather than a patch though.

  2. Very cute. So smart to photocopy the monkey and use it as a pattern!

  3. These are adorable! My kids love Paul Frank anything. They would think these were the coolest!

  4. So cute. I know some twins who would love those monkeys too!!!

  5. This is so cute, what a great idea for you to make a monkey face. I could see these (or something similar) being made for coasters. Nice job. Thanks for linking.

  6. SO CUTE! I'd love to make this for my 9 month old.

    Visiting from Strut Your Stuff

  7. If you sew this on a shirt will it be okay to wash. I do not know how felt washes.

  8. so stinkin cute, I love that monkey face, he he. Another great way to use felt, I wanna do this,,, lol.

  9. Thanks for the advices and the photo to print out. I will try to make it, but I have an additional idea-to make stuffed ears which will stay sticking out :-)


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