Super Easy Wallet Completed

After last weekend wallet mess, this past weekend I was determined to make one correctly. I started with a pattern from for a simple wallet.
First you cut two pieces that are approximately 6 x 11 and one approximately 3 x 2 for key strap. I chose this brown and green fabric for the outside and plain brown for the inside.

Next you apply interfacing to both on the wrong side. This was the only difficult part since i could tell which size was the shiny side, they both looked shiny to me.
Then you fold the two piece in half and cut a curve for the top. Next you sew the two wrong sides together.

Then cut top as shown and corners so that they lay right when it is turned right side out. Last step is to sew all the way around and attached key strap. I missed taking a few photos of these two steps but pretty basic. Then the last step is to sew the pocket up and then you are done!

I plan to put a small piece of velcro or a button as a closure. I notice now that my sewing could be a little better, but this was my the first attempt.

This was super easy and plan to make more. I even cut out three more and completed two in less than an hour.

 The most time consuming part is the cutting of the fabric and apply the interfacing. It is a great way to use up your scraps and I might alter the design slightly with a small pocket inside for a credit card and license. I love small purses so this is perfect for me! Enjoy and be sure to check out for other simple and easy to read patterns! I am hooked and amazed what i can make! 


  1. This is great! I am thinking that I could add a carabiner hook to the keyloop and it would be perfect for carrying my dog-walking stuff (keys, bags, etc), thus keeping my hands free. I'll have to try it!

    I'm visiting from Just Something I Whipped Up. Have a great day!

  2. your wallets are very nice, and they seem easy to make! I am also a big fan of "you can make this"

  3. This looks like it would be super-quick to make, but is so functional! I should make one for my cell phone - or to keep some snacks handy for LM at all times! : )

    I hope you'll add this project to the Pocket Week Linky over at Expect Moore:


  4. Good job! I had someone ask me for something similar recently, so thanks for the help! I'll have to modify it some but it is a great starting place.

  5. This looks likes something right up my alley. Thanks for the details and the link. I've come by via All Thingz Related. Looking forward to exploring your blog. :-)

    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  6. love this! I am going to have to try this!!

  7. well, I'd say, super easy AND SUPER NICE.
    10 out of 10. simply put.

    You inspire me. Hence, I'm inviting you, so our readers can love you too:
    Every Wednesday there will be a new party, so bookmark our home page and you can come back over and over again with great ideas and tutorials, alright!?

    Have a happy day!

  8. That is such a great idea. Making it in zebra.

  9. Ooh NICE! Nice to have you join us for Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  10. Very cute! What a great way to use some of those leftover scraps!

  11. Ooh I like those if I could ever fix my sewing machine...

  12. Thank you so much for sharing with Fabric Fun Thursday. I have teenage girls, and this idea will come in handy :).

  13. Featured you today!! Check it out below:

    Feel free to grab my I was Featured button for you blog and I hope you'll come by to visit! Love these wallets...its next on my to-do list!

  14. Great project. I'm going to check out that website! Thanks for linking up.


  15. These are so cute! I love the fabrics you used!

    Thanks for linking up with me for Friday Favorites!


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