Changing my Image

I have been thinking about changing my Blog image for awhile now. The image of the colored pencils slightly reflects who I am but not exactly. I don't have many photos of myself since I am usually the one behind the camera and I can honestly say that really don't like any photos of myself anyway. So when it came to changing my blog image, I stepped back and thought about how my image has changed over the years..
First I was this girly girl in the pretty pink and blue dress looking for rainbows..
Then some years passed and I went thru those awkward preteen and teenage years playing tennis and trying to stay out of trouble...

The after college, getting a job and dressing for the office... (yes I made that costume)

Then after meeting my husband, I became a biker chick for a few years.. Riding and documenting our trips...

And then lastly become a blogger and searching for my really talents....

Sorry no photo me sitting here at my desk at 6:18 am with bedhead. So I have changed a little over the years so I thought it was time to change my blog identity as well to this...

It reflects more of all the things that I am interested in and the things I use to create ( sewing machine would not fit in the jar) So for now this is me for awhile, until I feel the need to change again!


  1. I like it! ...and I LOVE the pic of you as a little girl. ...and the biker chick picture! You totally know how to rock a leather jacket!

  2. I'm following you from the Friday Blog Hop. Lovely Blog! You can find me at

  3. Thanks for being a part of the Sassy Sites blog hop! Happy Friday! xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites


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