A Giveaway - Nerd or Not

I am a self proclaimed nerd and I have been one all my life and proud of it. Growing up tall,gangly with braces and long hair that sometimes looked like a rats nest. I occasionally wore headbands to keep the nest out of my eyes but they always either were too tight or fell out. That is why today in am giving away two of my No-Slip headbands to two lucky winners in honor of Nerddom. Here are the two that I will be giving away.
One 1" wide brown,green and red fabric with black elastic back and No Slip liner. Measures 20" around.

Two bands of 1/2" wide lovely orange and brown fabric with No-Slip liner. Measures 20" around.
Both are stunning on and perfect for the Fall. Now the rules of the contest are you must leave one comment about something that makes you a nerd or not! So simple that I will get you started with three things about me from three different times in my life that define my Nerddom.
 1. I rode the bus to school all the way thru Senior year of High School. That might not sound odd but it was since all my friends were driving. 
 2. I was a Math Major in College. One of four women in this major at my college.
 3. I can sing and perform the entire score to Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. Off key and not without a lot of laughing.
So now that I have given you some help to get started, please leave just one comment and I will pick a random winner on Thursday Oct 14th and will announce in my blog that day as well. Good Luck to all the Nerds or Not out there! Enjoy!


  1. Count me in as a fellow bus rider throughout senior year. I lived on the opposite end of town from school and unlike most of the other seniors didn't have a car or any friends who lived near me. Can I further cement my nerdy status by telling you I was in marching band all four years of high school? And that I took AP computer science for fun? Do I qualify yet?

  2. I've read all of the Harry Potter books at least five times. And I love it!


  3. Cute headbands...I'm a closet nerd and am not ready to come out yet!

  4. I secretly love volcanos (and science in general). Do I qualify? I can also sing back-up for you on most of Emmett's tunes ;)

  5. I used to read a Biology textbook every night for fun. It was so fascinating and I love the smell of the book. Go nerds!


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