Scrapbook Wall

I use to like to Scrapbook, but all my hard work was always out of sight hidden in a book. So I decided to display my work in a hallway of our home. I thought it would be a good place to display all the photos of places that my husband and I have visited over the years. The hallway started out looking like this.
A dark hallway to nowhere... but with a little paint and carpet.. it looks like this now.. well this is part of the wall..
I just keep adding bits and pieces from each time we travel. One of my favorites are the smashed pennies that I have been collecting for years. They were kept in a jar out of sight for a long time until I figured a way to use them.
Now today I am just about to add a new frame from our tennis tournament trip this past August and from last year. It is super simple and all I needed was a few photos, tickets from the event and a map of the facility from the draw sheet.
First I took the map and placed it in the center of the mat as my focal point.

The I arranged the photos and the tickets around it.

So easy and now I can see my favorite players and my mementos every time I walk down the stairs( that is once I hang it!). I like use the exact same frames to keep the collection looking cohesive but use different sizes to vary the aesthetics. I think it is a wonderful way to display you memories without having to pull out a huge scrapbook. Only thing I need to worry about is if I run out of wall space! Enjoy!


  1. This is a great idea!! And I love the pennies!!


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