Long Sleeved T-Shirt to Turtleneck

I can't stop raiding my closet for T-Shirts to hack. My brain keeps thinking up new way to reuse these items and I can't make it stop. The latest idea started with a long sleeved t-shirt that was hiding in the back of my closet.
It had all the possibilities that I was looking for so I first measured the sleeves.
I did this to see where I should cut to make the shirt short sleeved. I cut both sleeves off at about 9"since I measured a few shirts in my closet and they all fell into about the 9" length.
Next I took both pieces that had been cut off and cut up the seam and was left 2 pieces that looked like this.
Next I took the two pieces and pinned right sides together and sewed along both long sides.
I then took this tube piece and pinned it to the neck of the T-Shirt.
I started with the back since if I made a mistake then it would be in the back and maybe not be noticed. I sewed just below the seam of the neck and the proceeded to work on the front.
The front was a little more tricky since I wanted to make sure that it looked neat. I sewed directly on the seam so that my new stitches were hidden.
Then I turned it right side out and was left with this.
It looks like something from Cat in the Hat, but I am not finished yet. The neck was a bit long so I cut about half of it off.
I left the raw edge on the neck and the sleeves since it cut nice and did not fray. And this is the end result..
A nice loose fitting neck and a piece that can be layered and not too warm or bulky.
Super easy and a whole new piece! So go find a long sleeve and make a turtleneck! Enjoy!

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