Ornament Tree (a Ballard Knock off)

When I first say this ornament tree in the Ballard catalog a few months ago and thought it was pretty and maybe I would make it someday. Well that someday was the last two weekends and it is now done. I first started with an old apple basket and spray painted it white.
Next I need branches for the tree. I thought about cutting them from the lone tree I have in my yard but after further inspection it didn't have enough to spare. Then I thought about a vacant field on my drive home from work and there are plenty of trees for cutting. Well that didn't work either so I had to buy 2 bundles of branches with a snow like effect sprayed on them.
Next I needed to weight the basket and add some styrofoam to secure the branches.
I added some stones underneath the styrofoam (which is recycled packing material) for weight and stability. Next I stuck the branches in a few and a time and stepping back each time to look and see if they looked okay.
Once I finished with the branches, I filled the basket with shredded paper to cover the styrofoam.
Lastly I decorated with a number of different colors and sizes of ornaments and placed on my Kitchen table.

It was very easy and you could use any type of basket and branches. I will tweak it just a little with a nice runner instead of the placemat. But for now I think it looks lovely and a wonderful knock off! Enjoy!


  1. Very nice...I will have to save this on my craft tab to make prolly next year....

  2. Very cute and colourful! The shredded paper is such a good idea, too.

  3. I like it! I have one too. I made mine out of necessity because we dont have a tree this year since we are moving to Alaska in 2 weeks. I didnt know Ballard did something like it too. http://findingmyaloha.blogspot.com/2010/12/decking-my-halls.html

  4. I think this is a great idea--I have done something similar and hung Christmas Cards that I receive on the branches! Thanks for joining my link party! It has been fun to come and see you each week! http://vintagepollyanna.blogspot.com/2010/12/tell-me-tuesday-link-party-4.html

  5. Well done! Your tree reminds me of Christmas candy and frost, so pretty! I love it when we can get inspired with a design and do it our own way, yours looks great.

  6. I put that page of the catalog on my inspiration board as well, haven't got around to making it yet. Why didn't the limbs in the field work???

  7. That turned out wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Happy holidays!

  8. Hopping!

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  9. Hello! I found you at Pinkapotamus and I am loving your blog! I wanted to invite you to enter my $50 American Express giveaway and my link party that are both going on this week! Keep up the great blogging and happy holidays! -Dana


  10. I love this! I made a similar centerpiece for the fall with leaves and scarecrows.. Yours is adorable! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!


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