A little Organization, Please!

I have started to organize my laundry room storage area since it has not looked too pretty lately.
I have wanted to tackle this for a few months but the holidays arrived and I had no time but to make it messier. Finally it was time to start and I started with a baby step since I think breaking a big project down into little ones helps with the sense of accomplishment. I decided by ribbon had just gotten completely out of control.
Bits of ribbon saved from gifts and leftover from other projects. I don't like to throw any pretty ribbon away,so I tend to end up with a ton and it all gets tangled together. I started with a some cardboard (recycled from my work place) and plastic bins (that I have had for ages, also rescued from the dumpster at my workplace..yes we use to have great garbage).
I then cut the cardboard to about 2" wide by 8" long and started to wind each piece of ribbon around the cardboard. Making sure to keep similar colors together and keeping only those pieces that were over 12" long. So I ended up with numerous sticks of ribbon like this.
Then when all the ribbon was wound, I placed it neatly in my plastic bin assorted by color.
I looks so much better than the tangle mess and it almost calming. I also save a lot of space as well since all this bin, sorted by color was originally in four plastic bins and now I am down to one! Time to tackle the next project which are bins of supplies. The organization never ends! Enjoy!


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